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Spa & Wellness Sleep Ceremony by ESPA

19/F and 20/F
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Perfect for travelers, stress relief and jetlag, The Peninsula Spa will help you relax and be soothed into a perfect night's sleep with the new Sleep Ceremony by ESPA treatment. 

This 90-minute service begins with breathing and visualization techniques, a vital part of relaxation, followed by polarity balance of electromagnetic energies which allows physical and emotional stress to leave the body. Next, enjoy a soothing massage focusing on the marma points of the body to release negativity and toxins while re-balancing the chakras. Hot stones are used to release physical muscle tension before an effective face massage and a stress-relieving scalp massage calm and still the mind.

Specially designed for Peninsula by ESPA’s founder and renowned spa authority Susan Harmsworth to meet the well-being needs of globetrotting travelers, the new Peninsula Sleep Ceremony recognizes that a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep is an essential part of the guest experience.


  • Relaxation for travelers affected by stress, jetlag and a disrupted sleep pattern
  • Balance of electromagnetic energies
  • Soothing massage with hot stone application
  • Facial massage to release tight muscles, particularly around jaw and forehead
  • Stress-relieving scalp massage

Duration: 90 minutes

US$ 285 Mon – Thu
US$ 300 Fri – Sun

Terms & Conditions:

  • Appointments are subject to Spa availability
  • Mention “Sleep Ceremony” in Spa request form
  • Spa appointments are not confirmed with submitting a Spa Request form, appointments are confirmed when guest is contacted directly by The Spa