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East Meets West Shanghai Terrace

Cuisine Type Cantonese and Shanghainese Location 4/F Hours

Lunch 11:30 am to 2:00 pm (Sun – Sat) 
Cocktails* 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Sun – Sat) 
Dinner 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm (Sun – Sat)

*The Terrace Bites menu items are offered during cocktail hours. Full food service resumes with dinner at 5:00 pm.

+1 312 573 6695

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Reservations not accepted for outdoor dining on The Terrace, only indoors at Shanghai Terrace.

Dress Code
Smart Casual
Voted the number one "Chinese Restaurant in Chicago" by Zagat Survey, Shanghai Terrace offers Cantonese delicacies amidst a 1930s supper club décor, or outside on The Terrace with spectacular skyline views and cocktails. Step into the seductive setting of the restaurant and savour distinctive cuisine, consistently honoured with the AAA Four Diamond Award. With Chef de Cuisine Ivan Yuen at the helm, the menu encompasses a magnificent blend of traditional dishes and Chef Yuen's creative rendition of classics. At lunch, bamboo baskets of freshly steamed dim sum contain favourites such as barbecue pork buns, Peking Duck and shrimp and chive dumplings.

With the warmer Chicago months upon us, Shanghai Terrace opens its doors to The Terrace from May through September, weather permitting! The Terrace is adjacent to Shanghai Terrace and is located on the 4th floor of The Peninsula Chicago. Guests can savour the newly-crafted lunch menu of Shanghai Terrace al fresco, as well as cocktail and dinner menu items every day. READ MORE>

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Shanghai Terrace MENU

View The Shanghai Terrace Bites Menu Here.

Terrace Bites are offered 11:30 am to 10:30 pm


Summer Vegetable Spring Roll
seasonal vegetables, rice wrapper, mango, cilantro salsa

Sesame Orange Beef
vegetables, homemade sesame sauce

Salt And Pepper Shrimp
jalapeno, garlic, green vegetables

Chongqing Spicy Chicken 
dry chili pepper, bell pepper, szechwan pepper corn

Pan Seared Pork Dumpling 
water chestnut, flower mushroom, ginger vinegar 

Spicy Mao Dou
steamed, spices, lime salt


Passion Fruit Dumplings
mango sauce, fresh mangoes

Sesame Ball
traditional sesame ball with chocolate ganache

Banana Mango Spring Roll
exotic caramel sauce, sweet condensed milk

*This menu is for reference only, as individual items are subject to change.
View The Shanghai Terrace Dinner Menu Here.

Dinner is offered 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm


Steamed Pork Dumpling Shanghai Style
Shrimp Spring Roll
Fried Crab Wonton
Buddhist Vegetables In Rice Crepe
Seafood Siewmai
Barbequed Pork Bun
Green Leaves Shrimp Dumpling
Bean Curd Roll With Scallop And Shrimp
Vegetable Dumpling
Spicy Beef Pot Sticker
Foie Gras & Duck Dumpling
Lobster And Chicken Dumpling With Black Truffle


Traditional Peking Duck With Mandarin Pancakes
cucumber, scallion, hoisin & plum sauce


Cloud Ear Mushroom Salad 
bamboo, bell pepper, spring onion, black vinegar sauce

Shanghai Terrace Dragon Cucumber Salad
papaya, cherry tomato, garlic vinegar sauce

*This menu is for reference only, as individual items are subject to change.


Crispy Tofu With Salt And Pepper 
chili, green bean, puff rice

Spicy Free Range Chicken 
chili pepper, coriander spices, bell pepper, honeydew, cantaloupe, sesame dressing 

Pineapple Tofu In Basket 
crisp tofu, sesame seeds, pineapple sauce

Roasted Duck And Pork
five spices, honey glazed, plum sauce

Chinese Wild Ginseng Soup 
chestnuts, premium herbs, wolf berries

Wonton Soup 
shrimp, pork, superior broth

Lobster Hot And Sour Soup 
egg, tofu, winter bamboo shoots


Home Style Bean Curd 
enokitake, asian vegetables, mushroom jus

Vegetarian Szechuan Mapo Tofu
asian vegetables, pickled cabbage, szechuan pepper corn 

Braised Mushroom With Chinese Vegetables
assorted asian mushrooms, cordycep flower, braised jus

Wok Fried Asian Vegetables With Roasted Garlic
seasonal vegetables, garlic sauce


Shanghai Terrace Fried Rice 
wagyu beef, shrimp, duck, taro, onion, egg

Beef Chow Fun With Bean Sprouts
rice noodles, scallion, mushroom soy sauce

Shanghai Fried Noodle
shrimp, pork, chicken, peppers, basil, premium lime soy

*This menu is for reference only, as individual items are subject to change.


Golden Shrimp
cucumber, walnuts, mustard mayonnaise

Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin 
chinese vegetables, black pepper sauce 

Seasonal Vegetables 
cashew nuts, ginger, soy bean sauce

Kung Pao Chicken 
peanuts, garlic, bell peppers, chili peppers

Wok Fried Scallop In Black Truffle Sauce
asian vegetables, black truffle

Happy Red Rice 
pistachio, ginger, garden vegetables, eggs 


Slowly Braised With Premium Ingredients And Finest Herbs
served with fresh seasonal vegetables in rich abalone jus

Monk Jumps Over The Wall
dried seafood delicacies, finest herbs, thick abalone broth

Australian Red Abalone
flower shiitake mushroom, aged oyster sauce

Yoshihama Abalone
fish maw, premium mushrooms, braised jus


Mango Chicken
bell pepper, rose wine, lychee sauce 

Wok Fried Shredded Beef
ginger, scallions, oyster sauce

Dong Po Pork Belly
braised, red miso, palm sugar, star anise

Braised Eggplant In Chinese Casserole
lemongrass, diced chicken, salty fish 

Braised Beef Brisket In Chinese Casserole
turnip, herbs, chuhau sauce 

Five Spices Duck 
pickling spices, mushrooms, asian vegetables


Spicy Sweet Chili Prawns 
vegetables, ginger, scallion, chili peppers

Steamed Market Fish Fillet
ginger & scallion, coriander soy

Braised Maine Lobster In Its Shell
glass noodles, roasted garlic, superior broth

Ti Kuan Yin Tea Chilean Sea Bass 
oolong tea, seasonal vegetables, coriander soy


Shanghai Dessert Trio 
blood orange yuzu pavlova, strawberry coconut yuzu verrine, mango passion dumplings 

Asian Pear Tatin
macadamia cake, pineapple cream, mandarin sorbet 

Green Tea White Chocolate Raspberry Cake
raspberry lychee sorbet, ginger infused raspberry  

Apple Yuzu Soup
soy almond milk pana cotta, fresh apples

Chestnut Red Current Roulade
chestnut cream, calamansi sorbet

*This menu is for reference only, as individual items are subject to change.


Chilled Mango Sago Cream With Seasonal Fruits
tapioca, coconut cream, banana cake 

Bird’s Nest Soup
ginseng, chinese red dates, goji berries


Passion Fruit Dumplings
mango sauce, fresh mangoes

Sesame Ball
traditional sesame ball with chocolate ganache

Banana Mango Spring Roll
exotic caramel sauce, sweet condensed milk


Heinz Eiffel Beerenauslese Rheinhessen, Germany
Disznoko 5 Puttonyos Tokaji, Hungary
Marenco Brachetto D'aqui, Piedmont, Italy
Dow’s 10 Year Tawny
Warre’s Otima 10 Year Tawny






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