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A Decade of Decadence

April 01, 2014
A Decade of Decadence

‘Chocolate at The Pen’ has been a favourite dining experience amongst guests for more than ten years. To celebrate, The Peninsula Chicago has introduced a ‘Decade of Decadence’ in The Lobby as an enhanced experience for guests – the addition of an exclusive chocolate sommelier. 

Each weekend, chocolate lovers can rejoice in white, milk, dark and extra dark chocolate with cinnamon, cayenne and vanilla sugar spices, while Chocolate Sommelier Fayard concocts unique confections. Executed while the guest waits, the chocolate is melted in a miniature copper pot. Adding different spices or a dash of Grand Marnier or Kahlúa to the hot chocolate, each guest can have their very own personalized, delicious chocolate experience while at Chocolate at The Pen. The 'Chocolate Sommelier' welcomes you to enjoy a Decade of Decadence at The Peninsula Chicago.